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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Priority Performance Group Consulting, Inc.


The mission of Priority Performance Group is improving performance by unleashing the potential of people.

We believe that in today's competitive world, an organization's people are its only unique competitive advantage. Technology can be purchased. Facilities and equipment can be leased. The difference is having the right people in the right places working in systems and processes that unleash, rather than confine their knowledge skills and abilities.

Investing in intellectual capital -- people -- requires selecting people who fit both your organization's culture (integrity, reliability, work ethic, etc.) and have the combination of cognitive abilities, interests and personality traits for the positions you seek to fill.

Training and development is vital. But it is not always enough. People must work within systems, structures and work cultures that support their training, growth, development and success. This is the goal of Priority Performance Group.

Depending upon a client's need we will focus on one or more of the following areas:

Organizational Excellence

The consultants at Priority Performance Group have the resources and expertise to design systems, structures and people processes that are the basis for hiring and promoting the right people and providing them with the support they need to achieve superior performance.
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Training and Development Services

What is the best investment an organization can make? Hiring and promoting the right people and then providing them with the development and support they need to excel. At Priority Performance Group, it's our business to help your business define its needs, maximize performance and develop the strengths of your organization. By tailoring programs and materials for specific needs, we help our clients accomplish the learning and skills development needed to create and maintain an effective culture that drives out blame and emphasizes collaborative and systematic problem solving and improvement. Whether the needs are for improving leadership, supervision, quality improvement, problem solving, or team skills Priority Performance Groups has the experienced performance improvement consultants and trainers that can help clients succeed.
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Team Transitions

Teams with an effective mix of collaboration and experience are often a key component of performance success. Do you need to improve teamwork within your organization, reorganize existing teams or begin a team transition? Priority Performance Group offers proven guidance to avoid or remove common causes of team failure.
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"With Bob's help over the past months I believe we have improved the clarity of our roles and responsibilities, established our Vision and Guiding Principles, begun to measure and manage by Key Performance Indicators, systematized our decision making to a greater degree, and made major strides towards aligning our pay systems to achieve the outcomes we desire."

Mike Caston, Executive Director
SJWD Water District