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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Priority Performance Group Consulting, Inc.


SJWD Water District

Bob's assistance is a constant reminder for us to set aside the items that comprise the "tyranny of the urgent" long enough and frequently enough to allow us to focus on what our long-term vision must be and to focus on the systemic improvements needed to achieve this vision.

With Bob's help over the past months I believe we have improved the clarity of our roles and responsibilities, established our Vision and Guiding Principles, begun to measure and manage by Key Performance Indicators, systematized our decision making to a greater degree, and made major strides towards aligning our pay systems to achieve the outcomes we desire.

In addition, Priority Performance Group's training has provided us many of the tools needed to make continuous improvement "the way we do business"...

We look forward to continuing to work with Priority Performance Group to further improve our performance and to become truly competitive with the best in the water industry.

Mike Caston, Executive Director

Spartanburg Water

Priority Performance Group's principal Bob DiAntonio has become a "go to" guy for our organization. He offers business analysis support in a variety of areas and Bob's experience with different companies and industries ensures that we are getting an innovative approach. Our personnel look forward to working with Bob on issues or attending his training sessions. He is practical and straightforward in his approach to various business issues and is an excellent communicator to line personnel as well as senior managers.

Sue Schneider, General Manager

BASF Corporation

While considering organization changes for the company's Midwest Information Services department, I felt it was important to bring in outside expertise for assistance in areas where we had little or no experience. Priority Performance Group was selected because of their demonstrated knowledge of human dynamics and organizational transitions to teams... Their services in coaching, conflict resolution, performance measurement, and team building were effectively provided throughout our implementation. Priority Performance Group became a strong business partner for our group, and I would recommend them to any organization interested in improving the way they do business.

Phil Starr, Regional I.S. Manager
BASF Corporation, Wyandotte, MI

District Six Schools

I believe the nature of the information presented by you helped the administration to begin thinking differently about the approach taken to resolving the problems we face each day. We are certainly challenged to look at systemic causes of problems and consider all data available as we seek solutions. There are too many occasions in our business when we make decisions without adequate data and without consideration to the long-term impact of those decisions. We have already begun to use the methods that were learned in your workshop to help us use data properly as we seek solutions to the many opportunities we have to improve our school system.

I think we will face a challenge to keep our Total Quality Education initiative alive as we seek to train new administrators and staff. I look forward to working with you in that effort and again want to thank you for a great job.

David L. Eubanks, Superintendent (Retired)

InterAmerica Stage, Inc.

InterAmerica Stage, Inc. is well known for our ability to provide creative, timely and quality solutions to the entertainment industry. Our work can be found in theme parks, convention centers, coliseums, and theatres in the U.S. and around the world. In spite of this success, we needed help to prepare us for the future. By assessing our key people and systems Bob DiAntonio of Priority Performance Group helped me to recognize the critical issues needing to be addressed as well as confirming who my key players would be.

With Bob's help we made great strides in clarifying key roles and responsibilities and systemizing our approaches so that we now serve our customers better and more efficiently.

The best part of all this is my level of personal involvement in every minute detail has diminished. The "micro management" approach I had been taking is now a thing of the past!

Mark Black, Founder & President

Jostens Graduation Regalia

Over the past two (2) years the management team here at Laurens has been very pleased with the work of Bob DiAntonio and his associates at Priority Performance. We received training that was customized to our needs and focused to our employee's development.

During this time period we were surprised at the various tools that Priority Performance was able to use in helping Jostens move forward. Bob and his group allowed us to better understand behavior styles and the impact they have on the workplace.

Once our management team established a working knowledge of where and how we needed to operate, Bob was able to help us move this vision to all levels of the plant. Bob not only can design and teach classes for management, he also sparked a desire to learn and achieve in our hourly employees.

Today we are experiencing a much higher level of total involvement from all levels of the plant. Our work teams expect to be part of our problem solving process and our management has learned how to work as coaches and mentors rather than bosses.

It is rewarding to see people interact with each other in a common goal and reach the next level of performance. Without The Priority Performance Group the level of commitment we currently enjoy would have been a much longer road, if not impossible.

Jim Self, Plant Manager
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