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From classroom training to experiential training; from assessment instruments to one-on-one coaching, Priority Performance Group uses a broad range of methods to achieve the bottom line performance impact that you need. Contact us today about our most commonly requested and proven training solutions or your specific training need:

Supervisory & Leadership Development

The Supervisory Leadership Development curriculum provides participants with the basics of proven supervisory methods and techniques needed for success in a leadership role including building and maintaining trust, effective communication, providing constructive feedback, reinforcing positive results, situational leadership, dealing with diversity in the workforce, conducting effective meetings, effectively introducing and dealing with change and handling one-on-one and team conflict. Each session lasts approximately 4 hours. This curriculum has been used effectively in multiple organizations and can be adapted to a particular client's needs.

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Ethics Are Essential, Not Easy

This timely 4 hour session provides participants with opportunities to explore and reflect on the ethical guidelines provided by their organization, how well these are applied in reality, their own day-to-day actions related to ethics, and how all of these may influence their decisions when confronted with difficult ethical dilemmas. Participants are provided with an effective process to use in those times when the decisions are not black and white but shades of grey where any choice potentially has negative consequences for someone. They will have a chance to apply this process to very contemporary, realistic and difficult dilemmas presented in video format and/or real-life case studies developed from participants real-life experiences. The training materials are customized to incorporate an organization's ethical guidelines and/or real-life examples of common ethical dilemmas faced by employees.

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High Performance Problem Solving

This multi-session training combines a small amount of lecture with a great deal of hands-on activity using the PDCA system of problem solving both on challenges provided by the instructor and then on issues that participants identify during the sessions or bring to the sessions. It is well suited to support Kaizen events and a transition to lean manufacturing or in support of a continuous improvement effort in any organization.

Emphasis is not only on learning the tools of quality but also on how to effectively lead and then empower others in applying these tools to identify, prioritize, and then address organizational problems. The training has three interwoven sections as listed below:

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Hiring & Selection Training

This 12 hour training process provides those involved in hiring or promotional decisions with the information, practice, and take-away tools needed to plan and effectively execute a behaviorally based interview as part of the organization's selection process. This begins with utilizing job documentation to identify needed skills, knowledge, experience and other attributes need for each position. This is followed by the opportunity to first design and then practice using legal and effective interview questions and other elements of the selection process to assess candidates.

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Leadership Development: Beyond Management to Effective Leadership

These sessions form a foundation for the development and consistent use of effective and contemporary leadership traits and methods by those people serving in key leadership roles and shaping an organization's culture.

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Performance Skills for the Work Environment

Performance Skills curriculum provides participants who may not have formal supervisory responsibilities with a foundation of proven methods and techniques needed for success in a dynamic and diverse work environment including effective communication, handling one-on-one conflict, maintaining respect in a diverse workplace, and successfully adapting to change.

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Managing Multiple and Changing Priorities

This training focuses on helping people effectively deal with the many and changing demands they face at work and in their personal lives. The emphasis is on managing themselves during the 960 minutes of potentially productive time available to most people each day by investing their time and effort into things that provide the greatest returns in results.

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"It is rewarding to see people interact with each other in a common goal and reach the next level of performance. Without The Priority Performance Group the level of commitment we currently enjoy would have been a much longer road, if not impossible. "

Jim Self, Plant Manager
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